SPF-360 Raft Up - First Edition

These days it’s often hard to figure out how to start a conversation. The old stand-bys – “How’s it going?”, “How are you?”, “What are you up to these days?” – don’t seem to cut it even with the closest of friends. So, if it’s that hard to communicate with those you’re close to, how are you ever going to get it right with your customers?  

We have all read “how to show that you are listening” tips – make eye contact, nod your head, etc. Recently I heard an excellent rebuttal to those; instead of trying to show that we are listening, how about making sure we really are listening? Same goes for how we should be communicating with our customers. Instead of trying to look like we care, how about really caring? I know you really do care about your customers, but sometimes getting our jobs done means that caring is overtaken by the tasks at hand.  

SPF-360 Raft Up - Communicating with your customers

Answer these three questions before you start any communication: 

  • Is this communication about my company or about the customer? If the answer is not a resounding “the customer,” go back to the drawing board. 

  • What’s important to the audience you’re trying to reach? Use that as your opener/headline. 

  • How can my company and I make life better for my customer? This should be the body of your communication as well as your goal in business!  

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