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Event Sponsors: Don't Throw Your Good Name Here, There, and Everywhere!

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Don't throw your business's good name here, there, and everywhere. Choose sponsorships strategically.

The Basics: How would being an event sponsor benefit my business? A well-chosen sponsorship will get your name, brand, logo, and perhaps product, in front of a well-qualified and targeted audience. Your sponsorship communicates to potential customers, "We value the same things you do, and we have something we think you'll be interested in." Compared to traditional advertising, this indirect approach is is less intrusive, more relational, and reaches your audience on a more personal level. What kinds of marine industry events look for sponsors? A wide range of marine events are powered by sponsorships. Such events include boat shows, sailing regattas, powerboat races, boating club seminars and rendezvous, fishing tournaments, marine museums, marine industry conferences, and more. How do I identify the events that will be best for my business to sponsor? Look for events through which you can grow brand awareness with your target audience. You’ll want occasions that attract individuals who will be curious about your product or service. You'll recognize them when you see them; they are the people you seek to serve. Avoid events that don’t align with your company’s brand or culture, are poorly managed, are not in keeping with industry best practices, or don't share your core values. Five steps to evaluate sponsorship opportunities.

  • Identify your goal. It might be to expand brand recognition, gain access to the attendee list, or establish trust and name recognition in the community.

  • Find out if the event will reach your target audience. Will it attract your current niche? Will it help expand your audience in a strategic way? Or will it appeal largely to individuals that you're not even interested in reaching?

  • Check your previous commitments and your calendar. Will this event compete with other events that you sponsor? Would that be problematic? If this is an event at which you'd want an onsite presence, be certain that it will be held at a convenient time, place, and location for you or your staff.

  • Determine the value of what you will give and what you will get. What is offered in return for sponsorship? Ask how your sponsorship will be communicated: email, signage at the event, pre- and post-event marketing, links to your site from the event website, social media posts, images, video, or print? Will social media influencers, industry leaders, or public officials be at the event and publicize it through their channels?

  • Be mission-driven! Stick to the events that align with your budget, branding, and vision.


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