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Marketing solutions for the marine industry including sailing, powerboating, and fishing on the Chesapeake Bay and Mid-Atlantic region.


Since opening our doors in summer of 1995 SpinSheet Publishing Company has grown in more ways than one. Since our early days, the SpinSheet staff has grown to a dozen full-timers, with a few dozen contributing writers and photographers, and a handful of devoted distribution drivers. We launched PropTalk Magazine (2005) and Start Sailing Now (2008), took over PortBook (2011), and most recently launched FishTalk Magazine (2017).

Since many of you market your services to a mixture of boaters including sailors, powerboaters, and anglers, we've decided to streamline our communication with SPF-360. Standing for our three major publications, SpinSheet, PropTalk and FishTalk, SPF-360 is our platform that encompasses all of what we do here at SPF HQ. If you see an email from @SPF-360 it is one of our team members touching base. We will be sharing industry news, marketing tips, publication deadlines, and anything you need to know about Chesapeake Bay boating.

If there is anything you think we need to know or publish do not hesitate to give us a call. We are here to support you and help your business grow!

Email or call us anytime at 410-216-9309.

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