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Word of Mouth: How to Amplify It

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Savvy business leaders don't just hope word of mouth (WOM) will help their company. When the WOM buzz is positive, they amplify it.

What do you mean by 'amplify'?

First, you probably understand word of mouth (WOM) marketing, but just in case, we're referring to a customer telling their friends or family—or complete strangers—about your service or product, either in-person or virtually. 

Savvy business leaders don't just hope WOM will help their company. When the WOM buzz is positive, they amplify it.

Amplification means helping to spread the good vibes even further. You can easily do this by strategically placing a few "catalysts" that encourage even more WOM circulation. 

Here are a few examples of catalysts you might try:

  • A spectacular offer that is so remarkable everyone will be talking about it.

  • Amazing customer service that exceeds expectations so much that it is noteworthy.

  • A giveaway to customers who post social media images of themselves using your product and tag you.

  • Recognizing a customer who uses your product in a remarkably good way and publicly rewarding them; you and the customer both look good.

  • Asking for online reviews of your product or service and encouraging them with incentives.

Why amplifying WOM is important.

Positive WOM, especially if you’ve amplified it, should bring you higher sales, better branding, more name recognition, and increased customer loyalty.

Magnify your amplification.

Gaining the attention of influencers and early adopters can really pay off with WOM marketing. When your product becomes part of their broadcast commentary, you'll get magnified amplification. If you want your catalyst to reach influencers and early adopters, you'll need to be involved in their community through trusted publications, social media groups, and special events.

Positive WOM involves trust: trust between those who are speaking and their listeners; and trust between those who are speaking and you. Before your customers will make a positive statement about your product or service, they'll need to trust that you'll continue your good work. Staying customer focused will help build and sustain that trust. 

Since nearly 90 percent of consumers trust recommendations from friends over traditional media,* help WOM along by amplifying it. And, of course, with all your marketing take advantage of platforms that your clients trust.

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