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Staying Customer Focused: What It Means and Why It's Important

customer focus

What it means to be customer focused.

With this strategy, you’ll get to know your potential customers’ dreams, fears, and perceived obstacles, and you’ll communicate how you can help the customers reach their goals.

Why customer focus is important.

Being customer-focused builds trust with new and existing customers. It is relational, and it can have great benefits for your business.

To start your customer-focused marketing campaign, try this:

Imagine your product, then picture what your best customer wants out of it. If you have uncertainty about what they might want, collect anecdotal evidence by talking to current customers or soliciting data with a survey. Build your messaging from there.

customer focus boat shopping
A customer-focused strategy delivers a solution based on listening to the customers’ experiences and desires.

A simple example

Your new boat model has an updated seating configuration. Your target audience includes families with children as well as customers who mainly boat with other adults. You can picture how both groups would benefit, for different reasons, from your new seating configuration.

Implementing your customer-focused strategy, you target both groups with different messaging, but the results are the same: delivery of a solution based on listening to the customers’ experiences and desires.

Quick takeaway By showing your target audience that you understand what they want and offering options to help them get there, your business earns trust and loyal customers.

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