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A Fleet of Marketing Peers

fleet of sailboats
In the marine space, you might refer to your marketing friends as your fleet of marketing peers.

In marketing, as in boating...  

Isn't it great to have boating friends? You share favorite destinations, trade maintenance tips, and refer service providers.

Similarly, if you're responsible for marketing in the marine space, a group of marketing peers (you might call them your fleet) can be advantageous for you... and your business.

How peers help us reach our marketing goals.

If you've ever debriefed with competitors post-regatta or strategized with your buddy boat's captain before slipping the lines, you've already got the idea. Talking through strategies, considering pitfalls, and comparing results with your peers is incredibly helpful. Such conversations generate fresh ideas, give you different perspectives, and inspire creativity. You learn from one another's experiences instead of reinventing the wheel. 

The result? More vetting of ideas, more accountability, and more effective and efficient marketing, which helps drive your campaigns to the finish line.

How do I find these people?

You're busy, so make the time count by building your fleet thoughtfully. Seek out people from other companies who hold similar roles or have similar responsibilities to you. You're looking for colleagues, not co-workers.

Chances are that you already know several individuals who are good candidates. Like you, they strive to market their companies in creative and effective ways. You might share the same geographic region or a common target audience. They may or may not be in the marine industry. 

Most importantly, seek individuals with whom you can speak candidly, solicit advice, and trust, and who, in return, will trust you with their professional challenges. Be selective, avoid direct competitors, and steer clear of  anyone who hasn't demonstrated a strong grasp of confidentiality.

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