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Your Boat Show Exhibit is a Marketing Tool

Get the most out of a boat show Executed well, a boat show exhibit is not just a good investment; it is a powerful sales and marketing tool. And like any other good investment, if done right, it will pay off.

From our decades of helping marine industry businesses prepare to get the most out of their boat show booths and displays, we have a few strategies that we think might help you.

boat brand signs at a sailboat show
Boat Show exhibits are an investment and an important part of your marketing strategy.

Be goal-driven To make smart decisions about your exhibit’s size, staffing, and customer experience, it helps to have a firm grasp on why you’re attending the show in the first place. Setting show goals will keep you on track.

Are you there to:

  • Make sales?

  • Generate leads?

  • Increase brand recognition?

  • Network within the marine industry?

Once you know what your focus is, make it a goal by putting a number next to it. How many sales, leads, contacts, and interactions will constitute a success? From there, you can start making a plan. Click here for a comprehensive approach.

Branded boat show exhibit

Promote your display in advance Let both customers and potential industry partners know where to find you at the show. Do not assume that “if you build it, they will come.” Be proactive. Make sure you’re on their “must-see” list. Increase your advertising before, during, and after the show. Promote your intended presence with a press release. Reach out directly to your audience through your website, social media, and email. Let potential customers know why they should not miss your exhibit.

Annapolis Sailboat Show

You are both the host and the entertainment Before the show, design a booth space in which customers can comfortably learn about your products and services. Use prominent, logoed signage and assign your best people-persons to hand out swag, answer questions, and show off your products.

When show-goers buy tickets, they expect you to be “on” for them. Make sure you’ve staffed your display in a way that even in the last hour of the show, customers will have a great experience. Make your display the one that they’ll bring their friends back to visit.

It's not over when it's over After the show, take time to record your successes, recognize new customers, organize your leads, and follow up with potential buyers who haven’t made a purchase yet. Finally, reach out to your new contacts in the industry and continue to grow your B2B connections.

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Quick Takeaway

A boat show exhibit is a powerful marketing opportunity. Make the most of it!


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