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Customer email: How much is too much?


More is good... until it's not! Like cologne: use too much and you'll scare others away. Back in economics class they called it the law of diminishing returns.

Email Strategy In business, this concept applies to your email strategy. Your company's email list is a valuable asset, so treat it that way. Sending email is an important way to educate customers about your products and services, but send too many emails and you'll risk driving recipients away. Frequency How often should you email your customers? The answer depends in part on how frequently the item or service is needed by the consumer: monthly, annually, maybe once or twice over a lifetime. One way to gauge how often your business should send emails is simply to ask. Allow your subscribers to tell you how often they'd like to hear from you. Offer a “select your preferences” button. Or, send an initial email that asks if they’d like to opt-in for emails on select topics that arrive on a regular interval. Segments Segmentation allows you to target certain groups in your email lists with offers that are truly important to them. The idea here is that you don't want your recipients to feel bombarded by information that they perceive to be irrelevant to their own needs. An email list can be segmented into groups based on demographic information such as location, interests, past purchases, or where they are in their buying journey. Quick Tip Create segments in your email list and offer subscriber preferences to avoid losing subscribers.

Want to learn more about email frequency? Here's a good article:


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