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The Halo Effect

Get Your (Marketing) Halo On! Remember when your parents said you'd be judged by the company you keep? They might not have known the term, but they understood the Halo Effect.

halo effect

The Halo Effect is a phrase used to illustrate our tendency to form a positive or negative impression of something – be it a person, a product, or a brand – because it’s associated with something else we feel positively or negatively about. How Can Your Business Use the Halo Effect? Your marketing or advertising campaign will be much better accepted by customers if it appears in an environment that the customers perceive as positive. From celebrity endorsements to product placement, a consumer's perception of a brand or product is highly influenced by where it is seen. Campaigns placed through high quality outlets show an improved engagement rate, are perceived as more pleasant, and stay longer in the memory of consumers than campaigns in lesser quality outlets.

Want to learn more about the Halo Effect? Here are two good articles.

Our Tip For You It's worth investing some time to really think about the perceptions customers might have based on how your brand and/or products are paired with other products, outlets, and mediums.


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