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How Frequently Should I Run My Ad?

What is ad frequency, and why is it important? In the world of advertising, frequency is the number of times an individual sees or hears an advertisement during a period of time. Effective frequency is how many ad exposures an individual needs within a certain time frame to take an intended action.

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The right recipe As baking combines the correct proportions of many ingredients, hitting the mark with ad frequency requires striking the right combination of several factors, including selecting the right media mix and the ideal frequency within each outlet—print, digital, etc.


To be effective, frequency in any given media outlet will need to walk the line between being seen or heard often enough to be remembered but not so often that it becomes irritating—like getting the right amount of salt in your recipe; too little and the dish is forgettable; too much and it’s unforgettable—and not for a good reason!

Factors that impact effective frequency

  1. How often the product is purchased (something an individual buys less often requires a lower frequency).

  2. How well the brand is already known and trusted (new brands require higher frequency).

  3. How dramatic or splashy the campaign is (generally, more memorable corresponds to lower frequency).

  4. How long the campaign will run (shorter campaigns usually demand higher frequency).

  5. How many media outlets the campaign is spread across: TV, radio, print, web ads, social media (more outlets suggest higher frequency in each one)

ad print magazine

All media outlets are not equal When selecting frequency in each media outlet, consider how trusted each one is by your target audience. We’d recommend placing emphasis on the most trusted outlets. Research shows that readers have a high level of trust in magazines. On top of that, readers are more accepting of ads in publications targeted to their specific interests, such as cooking or wait for it… boating. Couple that with the fact that readers keep magazines for weeks and pass them on to others. Now you’ve got some powerful insight into the best ingredients for your ad campaign.

Quick Tip Use the five factors above to determine the right frequency for your ad and place it in a trusted media outlet as part of your overall media marketing strategy.

Want to learn more about ad frequency? Here is a good article:


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