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What is the Best Position for My Ad?

Why is ad positioning important?

Your ad's page position is important because it impacts viewership!

So, what's the best place for my ad?

The best position for your ad is the one that is gets the most viewers from your target audience.

ad position in print publication

How do I figure out where that is?

A good place to start is to collaborate with your ad sales representative. You're the expert on your product or service, and he or she is the expert on their publication. Working together you can come up with the very best spot to highlight your product or service.

What are a few common options? You'll hear about "premium positions," near the covers or near the front of the publication. Other highly desired positions anchor the reader's focus, such as placement adjacent to the table of contents or the editor's note.

But are those the best place for my ad? Not necessarily. If you were purchasing television ad time, you might think that prime time would be your best option. But what if you were selling sleep aids? A 3 a.m. slot might get better viewership from your target audience. In the same way, thoughtful print placement can help you reach your targeted viewers.

What are other good options? Space adjacent to an editorial feature related to your product or service is prime real estate for you because such features anchor the particular viewership you're trying to attract.

A good sales rep can direct you to such opportunities. If they don't, just ask! Once they know that you're interested in really collaborating, they will probably offer other creative ideas.

Quick takeaway Good communication with your ad sales rep will get you the very best ad position for your product or service.

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