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Make your brand shine with a right-sized print ad for your business and budget.

Choose Ad Sizes That Are the Most Advantageous for Your Brand and Budget.

Your product or service will shine with the right print ad.

Your brand means a lot to you, and your print ad size says a lot about your brand. That's why it's so important to plan out both the size and frequency of your advertising campaigns. Below we describe the unique benefits of various ad size offerings. By the way, ad frequency almost always trumps ad size, so be sure to budget for the proper frequency too.

print ad size
You have many effective print ad sizes from which to choose.

Two-Page Spread: Maximum Impact 

Offers a commanding presence in the magazine. Ample space for visually stunning ads. Allows for memorable storytelling with room for extensive content and detailed narratives or multiple products. Your branding creates a memorable visual journey.

Full Page: The Star of the Show

Ensures your ad stands out with no competition on the page, capturing the reader's full attention. Offers creative flexibility with ample space for imaginative designs, high-quality images, and comprehensive messaging.

2/3 Page: High Visibility

Often positioned next to a column of related editorial, this offering has significant visibility at a more budget-friendly price point compared to a full page. Ideal for striking visuals and clear, concise messaging.

1/2 Page: Substantial Presence

Balances visibility and budget, providing a substantial presence without the full-page price tag. Can be oriented horizontally or vertically, offering versatility and flexibility in design and placement.

1/2 Page Island: Enhanced Engagement

Positioned uniquely within editorial content, an island-style ad is a standout format that draws attention as a focal point on the page. Not only is it isolated from other ads, this placement benefits from the reader's natural focus on the editorial content around it.

Two 1/2 Page Spread: Spanning Presence

This dynamic layout engages readers across two pages, allowing for creative and interactive ad designs. Ideal for campaigns that need to convey multiple messages or showcase several products, or for those who want the pop of a two-page spread at a reduced price point.

1/3 Page: Balanced Option

Using a strategic placement, such as next to editorial content or feature articles, this option combines good visibility with affordability. Perfect for impactful yet budget-conscious advertising.

1/6 Page: Targeted Campaign

Ideal for small businesses or targeted campaigns. Secures a presence in the magazine at a lower cost. Effective for promoting specific products, events, or special offers with a clear call to action.

1/8 Page: Opportunity for Repetition

The most cost-effective way to advertise in print, with a price point that allows for multiple insertions, increasing the chance of repeated exposure and brand recall. Often suggested as an entry-level or small-business option.

Hopefully the descriptions above will help you make more informed ad choices. If you'd like to learn more about selecting the appropriate ad size, here is an article we like:

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